Discover, Empower, and Create your dreams and those of others. Whether you’re a fan of creative work, a creator, or both, Creatics is a platform that provides products, experiences, and services designed for you. You’ll find many opportunities now and much more through time as Creatics grows. To start, check out the Contests where you can help discover talent, entertainment, and art and help the creators make work that’s optimized for you and others. Enjoy the Create tools and services made to inspire and help you find a way to make your visions real. Then connect with the phenomenal Creatics community in unique and funs ways such as through our Meet The Creatics game. Ultimately, Creatics is about all things creative from art to science. We’re starting with Film & VR and will expand to other incredible creative worlds such as Technology, Design, Books, Music and more. Speaking of more, this is just the beginning. Stay tuned as Creatics brings the world of creativity to you in more and more ways.