Join the producers in casting the exciting role of Natalie in the new feature film Mr. Invincible (also starring Alyson Stoner, star of Step Up, and Bill Engvall, star of the Blue Collar Comedy). Four dynamic young Actors vie for this chance of a lifetime. Please see their bios and rate their auditions below and check out the fun prizes you can win by participating.



Gain Exclusive Deals and Sneak Previews of the finished movie.


More participation = More chances to win.

  • Win Dinner with Natalie
  • A Trip To Walk Natalie down the Red Carpet at the Premiere.
  • Attendance to one of the National Premieres.


Each time you view and rate an audition you get points for drawings and special deals; you also will receive special access to other fun opportunities.


Click an Actor's Photo, Read the Actor's Bio, then Review and Rate the Audition Video. Audition Ratings scale is 1-5 stars (1=Poor, 2=OK, 3=Good, 4=Very Good, 5=Great).

About Mr. Invincible: Joe King (Jordan Ray Fox) has a problem. He can't kill himself. Worse, at a moment of supposed death, he sees his future (not his past) flash before his eyes- a future driven by an adventure with the outrageous Tallulah (Alyson Stoner). Jaw-dropping funny, Mr. Invincible's ratcheting tension has you eagerly anticipating what lies around the next corner. Joe's girlfriend (Emilia Zoryan) has it all, except any real interest in him. When Joe's broken heart can't be mended, killing himself seems like the only way out. But fate has other plans.

About the Role of Natalie: Beautiful, social=climbing, devious, opportunistic. Former pageant queen. Now a Reno cocktail waitress. Dumped Joe when he was broke, now wants him back for his "Mr. Invincible" internet fame. Must be able to portray a deep sense of narcissistic cunning in a very pleasant and attractive exterior.