Playing the Meet Creatics Game provides a fun way to get to know the incredible Creatics community in ways different than you’d experience in other social media. It’s about getting to know people through their I Am Video and their My Words button on their Profiles. You’ll earn one (1) point everytime you open a My Words presentation; You’ll earn ten (10) points everytime you watch an I Am Video all the way to the end and rate the video with an up or down recommendation arrow. You have to watch at least 15 seconds of a video before you can rate it. Note: you can only score points once by these methods on any Profile.

The I Am Videos that gain the most attention plus get the most recommendations move up the community ladder where some will win extra points by attaining levels of recognition. This isn’t about rating the person; it’s about recommending the I Am Video. When recommending use your own criteria, but Creatics suggests recognizing videos that make a compelling or fun personal statement or do a great job in presenting an engaging video.

If you want to know how your I Am Video is doing, check out your results in the My Account section of your Home Page. You can always change your video by creating and uploading something new (via your My Account / My Profile page) or try our amazing I Am Video Tool for the best results!

For now, this is all about getting to know your fellow Creatics community and gaining game points. Later, Creatics will add ways to communicate, connect, and even possibly collaborate with fellow members of your community. At Creatics, we look to empower you and help you empower others to create and to engage with creative work that matters to you and the world!