Playing the Meet Creatics Game provides a fun way to get to know the incredible Creatics community in ways different than you’d experience elsewhere. It’s about getting to know people through their Treasury (where they present treasures, their creations or those of others that they love) as well as their I Am Video and My Words. All can be found on the community Profiles and yours as well. You’ll earn one (1) Creatics Currency* point every time you open a My Words presentation; You’ll earn five (5) Creatics Currency* points every time you open and upvote a Treasury entry or watch and upvote an I Am Video. You can only score points once on each Creatics Profile.

We give you 10 upvotes a day to convert to Creatics Currency* by using them via engagement with others. If you don’t use the daily upvotes, they go away. The Treasures and I Am Videos that gain the most upvotes will move up the community ladder where some will win special recognition.

*Creatics is in Alpha mode and the uses and redemptions for the Creatics Currency are planned for future versions of Creatics.

For now, this is all about getting to know your fellow Creatics community. Later, Creatics will add ways to communicate, connect, and even possibly collaborate with fellow members of your community. At Creatics, we look to empower you and help you empower others to create and to engage with creative work that matters to you and the world!